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RIL manual

RIL manual

  • Topographic Forest Survey & Tree Mapping

    This procedures manual has been prepared as the first in a series of such manuals intended to provide clear, technical guidance on the various stages of implementing a Reduced Impact Logging strategy in the lowland and hill dipterocarp forests of Indonesia.

    This manual provides implementation detail consistent with existing forest policy and regulation in Indonesia. From a technical perspective, however the principles and procedures described in this manual can also be applied to similar forest management conditions throughout Southeast Asia and Pacific region.

    This is the third edition of this manual published by the Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF) and endorsed by the Association of Indonesian Forest Concession Holders (APHI). Funding for the publication of this edition has been provided entirely by the TFF.  Funding for preparation of the original manual was provided by the International Tropical Timber Association (ITTO).