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Operational Consideration for RIL Operational Consideration for RIL HOT

This procedures manual is the third in a series of technical manuals intended to provide clear, technical guidance on the various stages of implementing a Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) management strategy in the lowland and hill dipterocarp forests of Indonesia.

This Manual on “Operational Considerations for Reduced Impact Logging”, deals with all operational aspects of the logging activity starting with the opening of the skid trails, through to the implementation of felling and skidding activities. It also deals with the issue of deactivation of the skid trails system as par t of normal operational activities.

The starting point of this Manual is the “Planning Considerations for Reduced Impact Logging” published by the Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF) in August 2005. In the Planning Manual, we explore the various considerations and standards which should be taken into account when planning logging activities under an RIL regime. We then take the reader through the recommended steps for preparing such a plan.

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