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Low Impact Forest Roads Low Impact Forest Roads HOT

This procedures manual is the fourth in a series of technical manuals intended to provide clear, technical guidance on the implementation of a Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) management strategy in the lowland and hill dipterocarp forests of Indonesia.

This Manual on “Planning, Location, Survey, Construction & Maintenance for Low-Impact Forest Roads”, is technically speaking, not a part of the planning and operational considerations of the logging activities. However, considering the major impact which roads have on the forest landscape and on the values associated with forests, the concept of ‘low impact’ roads is an essential element in improving the overall per formance of tropical forest  management.

This is a ‘stand alone’ manual. It begins with a discussion of the factor s that result in an excessively high impact of forest roads. The manual then deals with the dif ferent stages in road planning, location, and construction and provides simple guidance on how to mitigate these factor s in order to achieve “low impact” forest roads.

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