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Planning Consideration for RIL Planning Consideration for RIL HOT

This procedures manual is the second in a series of five technical manuals intended to provide clear, technical guidance on the various stages of implementing a Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) strategy in the lowland and hill dipterocarp forests of Indonesia.

The focus of this manual is RIL planning. This manual takes the user through the basic planning requirements which make up the Ministry of Forests (MoF) regulatory framework, through to the details of operational logging planning which are necessary to effectively implement an RIL operation.

The starting point for this Procedures Manual is the “Technical Procedures for Topographic Forest Surveys and Tree Mapping” published by TFF in April 2004. In this manual, we describe the considerations and steps in collecting topographic and tree position data and take the reader through the processing of this data to the preparation of a contour and tree position map.

“Planning Considerations for Reduced Impact Logging”, assumes the existence of accurate contour and tree position maps prepared at an operational scale. It takes the reader through the basic planning considerations through to the planning of a skid trail net work to the field implementation of this detailed logging plan.

The first edition of this manual has been prepared by the Tropical Forest Foundation and endorsed by the Association of Indonesian Forest Concession Holders (APHI) under a funding grant from the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO).

This second edition has been prepared with funding support of the USAID under the Responsible Asia Forest and Trade  (RAFT) program.

Critical comments and suggestions for improvements are welcomed. Please address your correspondence to:

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