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TFF completes contract with USAID-IFACS project


On February 21, 2012, the Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF) signed a three year subcontract agreement with Tetra Tech ARD, prime implementing contractor for the USAID Indonesia Forestry and Climate Support (IFACS) project.

The USAID IFACS project is designed to help the government of Indonesia conserve the country’s tropical forests, wildlife, and ecosystem services (including generation of clean water, reduction of soil erosion, food security, and carbon sequestration). IFACS seeks to achieve its goals by working with a variety of government, NGO, and private sector partners in eight landscapes across the country in order to promote and train partners in the adoption of best management practices (BMP).Training with PT Pangkar Begili crew.

TFF joined the IFACS project in the third year of a four year project with the task of training forest concessions in the adoption of best management practices (BMP) as defined by TFFs RIL Standard. TFF has successfully delivered RIL training to eleven natural forest concessions over a three year period.


Training with PT Pangkar Begili crew.