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TFF Activities - 2007

Training Activity - 2007
Date / Period
Client / Project
Description of Activity
Mar. - Apr. Tropical Forest Foundation Jakarta TFF negotiated and gained funds to support production and publication of a sixth manual titled "Reduced Impact Logging & High Conservation Value Forest"

17-22 Jan.

Narkata Rimba East Kalimantan RIL Baseline Assessment
26-27 Jan. Sari Bumi Kusuma & Harjhon Central Kalimantan Preparation for Legal Verification Assesssment
14 Feb. HSBC Jakarta Workshop and presentation hosted by HSBC
5 - 15 Feb. Kemakmuran Berkah Timber, Tirta Mahakam Resources - Industry, Amindo Wana Persada East Kalimantan Preliminary Observation
20-21 Feb. Tanjung Kreasi Parquet Industry Central Java Prelimenary Observation for supply chain

26 Feb. - 3 Mar.

Belayan River Timber East Kalimantan RIL Baseline assessment

6-9 Mar.

STIK Aceh Aceh, Sumatra Mangrove Rehabilitation
10-22Mar. Armstrong China China trip Armstrong suppliers
12-16 Mar. Erna Djuliawati - Concession Central Kalimantan Facilitate social condition & RIL evaluation
25-28 Mar. Agung Kharisma East Java Baseline Audit for Verification Legal of Origin (VLO)
9-14 Apr. Indexim Utama Central Kalimantan RIL training and CoC assessment
23 Apr. - 4 May Roda Mas East Kalimantan RIL field training

7 May

Tirta Mahakam Resources - Industry East Kalimantan Prelimenary Assessment
7-8 May Karya Guna Ekatama East Kalimantan VLO Baseline assessment

8-12 May

Sarmiento Parakantja Timber Central Kalimantan Refreshing training and partial audit
13-16 May FAO Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia FAO workshop on sustainable forest management and RIL
23-25 May Tingang Karya Mandiri Central Kalimantan Baseline and training needs assessment

28 May - 4 June

Suka Jaya Makmur West Kalimantan RIL refreshing training
13-15 Jun. TKPI - Armstrong Medan, North Sumatra Rubber wood supply study
17-19 July Tanjung Kreasi Parquet Industry Semarang, Central Java Investigation of Albizia & rubber wood source
25 July CIFOR Bogor HCVF planning meeting

20-25 Aug.

Sumalindo Unit II East Kalimantan RIL / waste evaluation and audit

22-23 Aug.

Tirta Mahakam - Industry East Java CoC Preparation
27 Aug. - 2 Sept. Amindo Wana Persada East Kalimantan Topografi & tree position mapping training
3-8 Sept. SmartWood Denpasar, Bali Lead Assessor Training, Smartwood
5-6 Sept. Sari Bumi Kusuma / Harjhon Central Kalimantan Praparation for SmartWood Chain-of-Custody (CoC)
7-8 Sept. Tirta Mahakam - Industry East Java CoC Awareness Workshop
18-21 Sep. EU - China Beijing, China EU-China, FLEG conference
19-25 Sept. Gema Hutani Lestari - Concession Buru Island, Moluku RIL, legality and CoC evaluation
23-25 Sept. Ketingan Timber Celebes - Industry South Sulawesi Industry CoC check
27-28 Sept. Sari Bumi Kusuma Central Kalimantan Preparation for SmartWood CoC assessment
2-5 Oct. Indexim Utama Corp. - concession Central Kalimantan Preparation Legal Audit
29 Oct. - 5 Nov. Sumalindo Lestari Jaya II East Kalimantan Waste Survey
29 Oct. - 3 Nov. Hanurata II - concession Papua Baseline assessment for legality and CoC
7-9 Nov. Graha Santosa Permai - concession Central Kalimantan Baseline Assessment for RIL adoption
13-15 Nov. Sari Bumi Kusuma - concession Central Kalimantan CoC Workshop
21-22 Nov. Tanjung Kreasi Parquet Industries Central Java CoC Workshop
26-30 Nov. Mamberamo Alas Mandiri Papua Baseline Assessment for Legality & CoC