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TFF Activities - 2002

Training Activity - 2002
Date / Period
Client / Project
Description of Activity
Feb. 25
Mar. 11
PT. Daisy Timber / TFT East Kalimantan Refresher training in RIL surveys & mapping. Focus on quality, accuracy; involved approx. 20 personnel.
Feb. 6-8 PT. Dwima Jaya / SCKPFP Central Kalimantan Certification workshop for managers.
Mar. 29 - Apr.7 PT. Dwima Jaya / SCKPFP Central Kalimantan Surveying and mapping. In preparation for RIL implementation training.
Apr.29 - May 3 PT. Dwima Jaya / SCKPFP Central Kalimantan Follow-up training and field direction in mapping.
May. 21-24 Diamond Raya Riau Interviews and meetings re. Certification and marketing. Resulted in one market link with foreign investor.
Jun. 18-21 Daisy Timber/ TFT East Kalimantan Photo interpretation and preparation of 5 yr and annual development strategy.
Jul. 1-15 Daisy Timber/ TFT East Kalimantan Training and technical inputs into road planning, location, inventory and mapping. Set up basis to re-establish legality of operation and first phase of achieving sustainability.
Aug. 19-27 Daisy Timber/ TFT East Kalimantan Training in computer assisted mapping.
Sep. 5-15 Roda Mas East Kalimantan Training in RIL planning and implementation; set up financial research project in RIL. Further inputs will be required. It is expected that this operational research undertaking will yield productivity data of interest to the rest of the forest industry.
Sep. 16-19 Sumalindo East Kalimantan Evaluation of planning and implementation of RIL, skyline logging, and road design and construction using low impact techniques.
Nov. 19 Wana Inti / Symaco Trading Central Kalimantan Management workshop on certification and RIL. First step in a 5 part training and demonstration program in RIL implementation.
Dec. 15-21 PT. Dwima Jaya / SCKPFP Central Kalimantan Field workshop on RIL; technical inputs into preparing for RIL demonstration. Will involve local forestry officials and assumes further training in early 2003.