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Certification Support Services

FSC - RIL Verified, Legal VerifiedConsidered by many to represent the crowning recognition of ...


ITTO Certification Support Project Nearing Completion

In mid 2009, Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF) signed an agreement...


Certification Support - Past Successes

Interest in certification has been the driving force for some of TFF's training in RIL. TFF provides workshops to companies interested in certification and also offers an evaluation of forest concession management against existin...

Eight new Indonesian forest concessions sign up to the world’s largest forest certification support programme.

TBI-2_02 more

PT Narkata Timber joins PT Suka Jaya Makmur as the first two concessions to achieve FSC certification under ‘The Borneo Initiative’ certification support program.


The successful certification of PT Suka Jaya Makmur (SJM) on June 30th, 2011, was a noteworthy achievement for both the company, Th...