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Keberhasilan Sertifikasi

Certification Support - Past Successes

Interest in certification has been the driving force for some of TFF's training in RIL. TFF provides workshops to companies interested in certification and also offers an evaluation of forest concession management against existing certification standards.

In early 2004, TFF secured an arrangement through a Dutch partnership, whereby it would provide professional evaluation and advice, technical support in certification, assistance in establishing chain-of-custody systems, and training in RIL implementation, to two major forest companies situated in Central Kalimantan.

This arrangement included :

  • trade agreements between Dutch and Indonesian private sector partners
  • analysis of action required to achieve certification including the development of an action plan
  • consultation and advice on technical matters and overall strategy
  • training in RIL
  • assistance in establishing chain-of-custody systems up to and including assessment by an independent auditor,
  • the possibility for direct investment to promote trade and the achievement of FSC certification.

In September, 2005 the first participating company, PT. Erna Djuliawati was awarded an FSC certificate for sustainable forest management by SmartWood.  FSC certification of the second participating company, PT. Sari Bumi Kusuma was achieved in September 2007.

TFF continues to build on its successful certification support program by assisting these two forest companies to close off remaining conditions through technical guidance and specific training inputs.