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Sertifikasi PT Roda Mas

TFF Announces PT Roda Mas Certificate

In a modest ceremony held at Manggala Wanabakti on May 22, 2008, the Tropical Forest Foundation recognazed the forest concession of PT Roda Mas Timber for it's achievements under TFF's "Forest Market Linking" program.

Roda Mas received the "Legal Verified" certificate in recognition of its successful achievement of the TFF Standard for Legal Compliance awarded by TUV International - Indonesia in November 2007.

PT Roda Mas has received a member of RIL training inputs from TFF and under a new agreement, Roda Mas now has two year to complate full implementation of RIL on its entire annual operating area.

The industries of PT Tirta Mahakam Samarinda and PT Tirta Mahakam Gresik will shortly be awarded chain-of-custody certificate by TUV. This will permit a wide range of products to reach hte market under the "Verified Legal" mark.

PT Roda Mas is the first new company to be recognized by TFF after it launched its "forest market linking" program in mid-2007

Announcements of additional participating companies will be made shortly.