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Modul dan Jadwal Pelatihan

Training Modules & Training Schedule

Field training in Reduced Impact Logging, certification, or related topics, are organized by TFF on an individual request basis.

Interested forest management units may choose one of the following training modules, or discuss their individual training needs directly with TFF. TFF will then prepare a detailed training proposal for approval by the company.

Field training and demonstrations are normally organized within the context of a working forest concession and involve relevant management, staff, and workers of the forest concession.

Training schedules are arranged on an individual concession basis. For the latest training schedule, contact TFF at Alamat email ini dilindungi dari robot spam. Anda memerlukan Javascript yang aktif untuk melihatnya.


(The following modules provide some indication of the training which TFF can provide. Additional training can be tailored to meet specific need. Contact TFF to discuss training options)

Technical Procedures for Topographic Forest Surveys This module covers the theory and practice of contour and tree position mapping based on the 100% inventory required under the Indonesian TPTI system. Candidates learn how to collect the necessary data and then how to process it and produce detailed contour and tree position maps. 5-7 days of field and office training, usually out of a forest concession camp. Follow-up support services and training are strongly recommended to help develop interpretive skills and to ensure the achievement of adequate quality control.
Road Planning and Field Location A field-orientated training in road planning and location. The course covers road network planning using contour maps. Special emphasis is placed on actual road location and survey techniques. 5-6 days field and office training,
RIL Planning and Implementation This module focuses on the application of petak-level contour and tree position maps for maximum operational benefit. Participants are required to develop a detailed harvesting plan including the location of skid trails. Environmental concerns such as steep slopes and riparian protection zones are included in the planning exercise. The course then requires participants to carry out field location of the skid trails according to technical guidelines. Skid trails are opened using company equipment and the felling and extraction process is initiated. A final day in the office introduces the concept of guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures. 8-12 days field and office training based in a HPH camp. Length of course depends on the depth of coverage required and the level of integration with company planning and harvesting operations.

The ability to produce accurate contour and tree position maps is a recommended pre-requisite for this module.

(This module can be divided two parts for easier assimilation)

Workshop on Forest Certification This module is intended for companies who are interested in learning how forest certification works. The activities can vary from a simple, introductory workshop on forest certification, to a pre-scoping field evaluation followed by a detailed analysis of the company performance as measured against certification standards presented in a workshop environment. One day introductory workshop to three day scoping and workshop combinations.
Management’s Role in Implementing RIL Workshop on what management needs to do to make adoption of RIL an operational reality. Emphasis is placed on structural and functional adjustments within a clearly defined framework based on a set of Standard Operating Procedures. One day workshop
Post Harvesting Activities This module introduces the ‘follow-up’ activities of RIL which tie it into the overall management system. Emphasis is placed on monitoring of logging activities, deactivation of skid trails, and post harvesting evaluation and mapping of logging impact. The practical role of a system of Standard Operating Procedures is emphasized. Four to six days of office and field training
Training for Computer Assisted Contour Mapping This module is a step-by-step approach to the use of the ROADENG program for the purpose processing general survey data from various sources and producing contour and tree mapping. The training uses real field data collected during conventional 100% inventory surveys The ROADENG training has been held in the past in collaboration with CIFOR, as a 5 day course.

These training modules are currently not covered under any funding arrangement. Courses may be offered based on adequate expressions of interest and/or the procurement of adequate funding.

Training for Computer Assisted Road Design This module is a step-by-step approach to the use of the ROADENG program for the purpose of road design. The training also includes data collection requirements and procedures.
Community Development and Conflict Mitigation Training, workshops, directed studies etc. designed to address specific needs of concession TFF draws on contacts in the social sciences community to tailor inputs to specific needs of a forest concession. Funding is through negotiated consultancy arrangement.
To discuss your training needs and options, contact us at Alamat email ini dilindungi dari robot spam. Anda memerlukan Javascript yang aktif untuk melihatnya.