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Pelatihan di Lapangan

Field Training & Extension Services

The Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF) is an international non-profit, non-government, foundation which specializes in training for the implementation of Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) and sustainable forest management.

Building on over 8 years of experience in Indonesia and SE Asia, TFF has developed a modular approach to training which recognizes that each company or forest management unit has different needs. Individual training modules focus on particular technical aspects of the RIL process and, emphasize “hands-on” practical training through “learning by doing”. TFF has refined its RIL training program into three basic modules which are delivered as an extension services.

The TFF also offers an extension service which provides technical evaluation, assessments, and recommendations for companies interested in solving problems in forest engineering, planning, harvesting, and certification. This service is offered on a consulting basis.

Most training modules are offered free of direct charge. This includes the trainer's time as well as basic training materials. TFF, however, requires that participating companies cover the full travel and accommodation cost for the TFF Trainer(s).

Training requirements are usually discussed at an initial planning meeting. A detailed training proposal is then prepared based on these discussions. Once the training proposal has been accepted, the scheduling and logistical arrangements for the actual field training are made on an individual basis depending on the company requirements.

Despite the global financial crisi, demand for training remains strong. Funding support has been secured from two main sources.