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Indonesia Forestry and Climate Support (IFACS)TFF’s activities under the USAID-IFACS project during the first year of activities have placed it well ahead of the project schedule for deliverables.

In 2013, TFF carried out 10 evaluations and training needs assessments in IFACS project landscapes from West Kalimantan to Papua province.  In addition, TFF also completed 11 RIL training modules as part of its longer term strategy of enabling forest concessions to opt for an enhanced, RIL management regime.

PT Pangkar Begili, a relatively small and independent concession in West Kalimantan, is an excellent example of how company Management can take on board opportunities for training its technical staff and concession management to significantly improve its concession management.

As a result of the three training inputs delivered during 2012, the company has strengthened its human resources to the point where it is now seriously considering moving on to the MoF’s mandatory certification program as well as independent certification.